Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Have a look at Catmint's blog.  Great comments on Summer Gardening in Melbourne. Sort of fits with a seasonal theme I've been musing this week.  The change of seasons is a frustrating time for nurserymen... should we be growing and selling Summer flowering varieties (Petunias) or should we make the leap to 'new season' varieties (Pansies & Violas)?  Damned if we do & damned if we don't.  I've taken some whacks over the past few weeks for not having Petunia's but I know I'd lose sales if we don't have Pansies available.
Personally I think the fixation with getting in first has gone too far.  Here's an example.  On Tuesday I dragged myself out of bed to represent Scotsburn at NGIV'sTrade Day, the monthly market day held for retail garden centres and landscape gardeners.  We took along a substantial batch of Gold, African Marigolds.Ok, so they were not quite showing this much flower but they were great plants.  I didn't sell one Marigold to an 'Anglo' nursery person, or florist or landscaper.  But I did sell just about all my Ornamental Capsicum.  Both plants are at the peak of their display season and I know Capsicum are much more fashionable at the moment, but not one Marigold?  Anyway, I sold all the Marigolds. Chinese New Year begins on Valentine's Day this year, 14th February.  New Year celebrations run for 15 days and Gold Marigolds are a symbol of good luck.  We can cheat a little here, in traditional Chinese homes having a flowering plant in the home in the middle of winter  would be very lucky indeed.
I think I'll take a couple of Marigolds home to welcome the Year of the Tiger. In the mean time I'll concentrate on planning so that we will have our Tomatoes ready for sale in the first week of August!


  1. Personally I love marigolds. And pansies. And petunias .... :)

  2. Thanks Sue. Do you have photos of your garden? I'd love to see some. Peter


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