Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A world record deserves a few thank yous!

Here's a little more follow up on the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Firstly thanks to Lyn Noonan, Thelma di Donna and Elsie Carter for there help collecting baskets on the Saturday and Sunday before the show opened.  I forgot these lady's last week, my apologies. Also thanks to the unknown Samaritan who picked up 14 baskets at the last minute that had been missed by our carrier in Shepparton.

Bentleigh Garden Club                         Gerda van der Peet

A world record winning competition
.  Yes, with 221 baskets on display (I counted them all twice-to check, not to double up) The Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria's Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition is officially the world's biggest and from the pictures above, the quality is not bad either.  Bentleigh Garden Club (winner Affiliate Clubs section) and Gerda van der Peet (winner Members section) are both multiple winners now and risk being put in the Hall of fame to give others a chance if they win too many more.  I am please to say that we have other competitors who have entered many times and won prizes for the first time this year.
Brighton Floral Art society                         Julie Adams
(Best use of Colour)                                   (Best Waterwise Basket)

I also note that as we get more experienced and the quality improves it is getting harder to win a prize as a first timer.

Congratulations and thank you to everybody who entered and a special cheer for the prize winners, you can see a full list of prizes and winners here.

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