Friday, April 30, 2010

Our first Magic Square Garden!

Shaun unloading the potting mix (guess who's taking photos)
Yesterday young Shaun and I loaded up the ute and set off to install our very first Magic Square Garden.  This garden was delivered to Jan & Mike, Jan was one of two winners of Magic Square Gardens from the Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition People's Choice lucky draw we ran at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

Jan & Mike with their freshly planted Magic Square Garden
After a quick drive up Eastlink we unloaded an empty box lined with Weed Mat (keeps the goodness in and allows the water out).  Getting into the back yard was a little challenging but having unscrewed the gate we got through and followed up with 8 barrow loads of our best potting mix and a selection of fresh vegetables including carrots, Bok Choi, Cabbage, Cauli and Broccoli.  Of course we couldn't forget some Silverbeet and Parsley.  How's that for self sufficiency?

Professionally planted (don't tell Kerry I have been gardening)
So now we have an entirely new product line... Magic Square Gardens (I've just realized the acronym is MSG, I quite like the irony but it still may change.  I might tell you what happened to the BAG name later).

What is a Magic Square Garden?
First and foremost it is a raised garden bed!
Start with a recycled fruit produce bin, add a weed mat liner.
Stir in fresh premium quality Debco potting mix
Garnish with a tray of crisp vegetables and herbs.
Method.  All the tips I could offer and more are contained in the User's Guide:

Lolo Houbein's beautiful One Magic Square. Grow your own food in one square metre.  It is a really beautiful "edible gardening" book.  Recommended retail $45.00, we supply a copy with every Magic Square Garden sold.

There is heaps of information on our web page so if you are interested please follow the link. Please give us a call if you want to know more.

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  1. so nice! i wish i will win a competition that renovation my garden!She's so not currently well maintained.


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