Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Crazy for Perennial Spreading Petunias

How's that for a retail display! Thanks to James at Warran Glen, despite the ring ins at the bottom this Craze Petunia (Pink).  Follow this link for our list of retail partners.

The trick with Craze Petunia is getting gardeners to appreciate their true value.  You just can't do this in a 140mm pot, not even in a 300mm Terra Cotta bowl.  Perhaps a hanging basket does justice but to get a real appreciation for how striking this plant is, you have to see it en mass. I think we grew 5 plants in the Rustic planter, truth is if we were patient one plant would fill out this box. The other thing to notice is the plants in the box are last year's left overs. Yes, truly perennial.

It has taken until November to get the saleable 140mm pots to size, they have just refused to bulk up in the conditions we have had this season. We have also had a hiccup in supply only one week in, our 140mm potted plants have gone a little yellow. The Craze Petunia is a very vigorous plant and needs a little extra feed a lot of fertilizer was washed out of these pots on Derby Day so we have just taken a week's breather to help them catch up. If you're concerned a teaspoon of Osmocote or similar in a 140mm pot will easily lift them up and hold their colour for several months.


Craze Petunias are available in 140mm Pots
and our Great Scot Premium flower punnets.

Now there are two reasons for writing about our Craze Petunia displays, the first is pretty obvious... we're very proud of them.
Second? To achieve maximum impact we have only released our Craze Petunias through Garden Centres willing to work closely with us to maximize the value of the presentation. Planning has started for an even more exciting, NEW product for release in Autumn. Next week we take delivery of our first Garvinea Perennial Gerbera plants.  This first batch of plants is intended for growing on to create stunning new display boxes. We grew a small trial batch of Garvineas early this year and they were remarkably popular for their distinctive long stemmed, old fashioned flowers. We didn't need to promote their vigour, their outdoor growing potential or even the fact that they are perennial.

This is an exciting release for Scotsburn and includes strong backing from 'florist' the Dutch breeders and Highsun our young plant supplier.


  1. I want some! This garden is blessed with lots of perennial and self seeding plants. I don't want to change that...just to add to it. Perennial gerberas and petunias sound just the thing.

  2. Thanks Hazel. I'll keep you up to date with Gerberas as the crop develops. It's exciting to be trying something new.


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