Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gerbera Garvinea

We are getting closer and closer to releasing our first Gerbera Garvinea. This pic is a trial planter we are preparing for retail nursery displays. No tricks, Lisa has put 9, 200mm pots in the box and taken a photo.

Garvinea is a very new Gerbera bred for outdoor growing. The emphasis is on overwintering. These plants will happily survive consistent night temperatures below zero. That's not to say they will continue to flower through winter although Kaye has grown on plants we trialled last year in her garden and she reports some flowers right through the year.

Gerberas are very drought tolerant plants, we grow our regular pot varieties under clear glass through the summer and they love it. Having grown our Garvineas outdoors through the spring and a very wet summer we have learnt that they really do need good drainage. We had a large block growing on a low bed which prevented them draining freely. Just as we thought we had them ready we started losing plants to a very ugly wilt. At first I just thought they were hungry and didn't check properly. Having had our fingers burnt we moved them to a better drained, still outdoor position and they have re-grown roots they lost very promptly. Tough as nails, just need to be kept clear of wet feet.

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