Friday, April 15, 2011

A Fond Farewell

All good things must come to an end. After just short of 19 years work at Scotsburn our Nonna Nancy has retired this week. We said good bye in traditional Scotsburn style with a Bar-B-Q in the shed (it was a miserable day) and a glass of Riccadonna. Nancy's sister Nina had joined our team in my first spring season at the nursery, 1988 and Nancy joined her in 1992. Nina and Nancy formed a formidable team, really quick, beautiful quality, neat work and hard working. They were dynamite on anyone that didn't meet their standards. They are also both fantastic cooks, Nancy introduced me to Tiramisu and to be quite honest her's is so good I just don't bother with any other. Nina retired in 2006 and Nancy has been Queen Bea ever since. And it has mostly been fun, often a loud voice would be heard from our potting shed: "BOOL SHEET" followed by raucous laughter.

In 19 years Nancy has mentored dozens of nursery folk of many different backgrounds. Her fiery Italian temper has flared on occasion but it's Nancy's support and friendship with her little Cambodian friend Sina that I think is one of the most beautiful relationships I have known. Nancy's friend in this pic is Michele who was only a girl when she started here a couple of years after Nancy and now supervises all our production. While we were lunching yesterday I said to Michele  "You look thoughtful", she just replied "it's sad". Yes, there were some tears as well as laughs. So thank you Nancy Pants, you remind me of one of the great things about our industry... the people we work with.

Love you Nance.

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