Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Sleek New Baby

Mosa Seeder

Her she is. Our shiny new Red Ferrari, sorry Mosa Seeder.  Fresh off the boat from Italy.  We plan to do all our direct seeding from this baby. Large & small seeds directly into punnets and small pots. I might have to get a decent tarp to put over her at night to keep the dust off.

The Lancashire Boys

This is Mark thanking Mike Walker for his work importing and setting up our new baby.  How's this, both these guys come from Southport Lancashire. It's like a Monty Python sketch they get going.  I'll report on how she runs (if you're interested) over the next few months as we make each other's acquaintance and find out if she's  Bianca or Katherine.

I'll also thank Mike and give him a well deserved plug

Argus Pacific Forestry Equipment & Wholesale Nursery Supplies , Industrial Equipment Supplies

Anything from seeding machines to fertilizer injectors and Dry Ice Blasting units!!???  It does strike me that Lancastrians could sell ice to Eskimos (2 from 2).
Mike won our business because he made an extra effort and his service through the whole process has been terrific.  Thanks Mike. You can call Mike on 1800 731114  

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  1. Mike Walker from Argus Pacific, Turbo Digger how bout you call me or email and organise to pay back that money you owe me. Stop trying to avoid me. Kate B.


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