Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where can I find Clerodendron thomsoniae?

We have a fantastic batch of Fuchsia Baskets on the nursery at the moment, but we are finding that we don't have anything else for basket sales.  Years ago we grew the Bleeding Heart vine (Clearodendron thomsoniae) I'd like to add this to the range but remarkably the only place I have found any is on mail order internet catalogues... I don't want to go there.  If you have any i can buy, please let me know.

It's not the best pic of Clerodendron but the Blog from Florez Nursery is a beauty.

While we're at it, any other good ideas for basket lines?


  1. Hi Peter,
    Plantmark at Lynbrook should be able to supply as there is plenty of stock at Plantmark Kellyville in Sydney. It will grow in Melbourne but may be deciduous over winter as mine is. Favourite basket plant at the moment is Plectranthus 'Pygmy'just coming into flower,nice foliage, tough as. Plugs and label from Highsun. Ian

    1. Thanks Ian, I was planning to order some from you! Peter

  2. Wow so many fuchsias I love them and more.


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