Friday, May 11, 2012

A Natural Cure for Downey Mildew

Quick review. Last week I was complaining about Downy Mildew.  The ever reliable Dangerous Don says he has The Sure Fire remedy... Full cream milk!  None of that skinny stuff you need the lactose. He tried to put it on me that it couldn't be homogenized or pasteurized until I protested that we would need to buy a cow (poetic license Donnie).  Anyway he swears that this works as a cure (no value for prevention): 1 part full cream milk in 9 parts water with 1 drop of detergent per litre of solution, I assume the detergent is intended to mix the solution better and help it stick to foliage.  Kaye is bringing 2l of milk in on Monday for a trial.

Ornamental Kale
On the subject of Brassicas, we are about to release this year's crop of Ornamental Kale. Interestingly despite the problems we have had with Downy Mildew in the seedlings these more advanced plants haven't shown any signs but I do notice the odd hole in foliage courtesy of Mr Caterpillar.  In time these plants will fill out with dense, brightly coloured hearts. I expect they will peak later in June and hold their best colour through to October perhaps. If you don't want to wait that long they are perfectly edible but I think they are better harvested while the leaves are young and tender.

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  1. Did the full cream solution work on downy mildew?


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