Sunday, June 3, 2012

You know it's getting quiet when...

The Three Potters
You know it's getting quiet when...

Mark, Shaun & Bryce at the potting bech this week.  These boys have done a fabulous job over the past, well at least 6 months.  The nursery looks a picture and they have everything under such tight control they have time to cover some of the potting.

Bryce brings us 20 plus years of experience from Floraiana and he has introduced an order dispatching system modelled on the process he used there. "Brought us into the 1980's"! He might pay for that one but we can see benefits already, our packing will be more accurate and quicker. Longer term we will introduce a batch tracking system that will hopefully iron out the issues of selling more stock than we actually have on the ground. I promise this is a massive priority.

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