Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's the difference between Cucumber Long Green Burpless and Continental?

Cucumber Continental
Cucumber Continental, or is it Long Green Burpless?

I have had 2 calls this week about our Cucumber Continental.  Here's the truth about Cucumber Continental: it is really Long Green Burpless and I'm pretty confident that is true of all Continental Cucumbers.

Over the Winter I had a long talk with a very successful retail nurseryman. No names, let's just say we got along really well despite the fact that we don't do any regular business with his nursery. One point he emphasized was the importance of using the most "attractive" name for a product and his background in fruit & vegetable retailing, not to mention an Italian heritage left him convinced we would sell 5 times as many Cucumbers if we called them "Continental".  5 times might be a bit of a stretch but the name change has generated significant interest.

I followed this up with Mark who has a previous life in wholesale fruit & vegies in Britain.  Mark says they never sold Long Green Burpless Cucumbers but they sold plenty of Continental Cuc's imported from Continental Spain. He also tells me that they never sold Lebanese Cucumbers and that they sold Continental Cucumbers cut into halves or thirds.  I wonder if the popularity of Lebanese Cuc's has anything to do with their more manageable size?

I'm sure you know what to do with Cucumbers, but here are some culinary ideas. Grow them in a sunny, well drained position but with large leaves like those and large juicy fruit they need mulch and plenty of water.  If the plants are stressed they are prone to Powdery Mildew so feed them well and keep them growing quickly.

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