Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scented Mini Cyclamen

Scented Mini Cyclamen Metis
Sometimes there is no better reason than to show off!
Metis Scented Mini Cyclamen. Sina was cleaning the dead heads out of these plants when I went to photograph one. She was so pleased with them she kept finding stunning examples and demanding I "pick this one". 15 & 20 flowers on each of the best plants already. The foliage is compact and they last for ages so we are settling in for a long Autumn & Winter.  It's hard to explain just how satisfying it is to see these plants looking great, remembering that we sowed the seed in the Winter last year.

We have added two novelties to the selection this year:
Scented Mini Cyclamen Flamed Rose
Flamed colours.  Rose (pictured), Salmon, Purple and Magenta each with a fine white trim to their flowers. and 

Scented Mini Cyclamen Victoria White
Victoria style.  White (pictured), Salmon and Rose each with a ruffled flower with a coloured trim. The ruffles are quite distinct early on but it looks like we will have to wait a little for cooler weather to develop the colouring in the ruffle for most of the flowers.  Hard to see in this pic but very pretty when admired at first hand.

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  1. I have always found that the white mini cyclamen have the most wonderful perfume. put your nose into one and you'll see what I mean.



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