Friday, March 22, 2013

Melbourne Flower Show Winners

Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition

No, we don't have our own display at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  We are proud sponsors of the Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition.  Over 300 home gardeners have gotten personally involved in the show this year through the competition. That's 10 times the number we had when the competition started! Congratulations to Don and Jennifer Rickerby and especially Kevin Moneghetti for the remarkable steel display structure, you really get a feel for the huge number of baskets on display just walking past the front.

We also have plants in the Tree & Shrub Growers of Victoria Gold Medal winning Haute Culture display. If you didn't catch Better Homes and Gardens last night I think the Gerbera Garvineas were used in cut away shots 10 times. Congratulations to Steve Day & Terry Meahan once again. I note that there is much more greenlife being used in nearly all the show gardens this year, Graeme Ross attributed this to trends in Europe. I reckon Steve & Terry can take a lot of credit for plants taking the central focus and being used much less as punctuation marks for hard landscaping. 

I'm also proud to say we had a small quantity of herbs and chillis in the "Best in Show" Cube2 by Scott Wynd TLC design. Very modern yet achievable and plants if not to the fore, certainly not taking a back seat.

Finally we have herbs in Rebecca Heath's Avenue of Achievable Gardens display. Rebecca did not win a prize to my knowledge but BH&G gave her design a rave review. Bravo.

Cyclamen Metis Mini displays


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