Friday, February 7, 2014

Vinca Cora Cascade. Plants for hot, sunny positions.

Vinca Cora Cascade. Click on this image to see a slide show of this week's Spec. Load.  
Vinca Cora Cascade
Vinca cascade are an absolute treasure offering disease resistance and a carpet of flowers that resists fading and lasts all throughout summer.
They are vigorous trailers, suitable for growing in the landscape, pots and baskets and are perfect for our current conditions as they thrive in hot and humid weather.  Vinca cascade are available in both 200mm pots and 270mm Hanging Baskets in Magenta, Peach, Polka dot and Strawberry shades.

Cora Cascade is one of those "Great leap forward" advances in plant breeding.  Vinca, Catheranthus roseus is a terrific plant in its own right. It is extremely popular in Queensland and WA where it's season lasts longer than we get here in Melbourne. We have also noticed that Vinca is becoming increasingly popular for commercial landscaping with the councils, cemeteries, etc. The display of colour is hard to match and it stands up to extreme heat better than Impatiens and wet weather better than Petunia.  The Cora Cascade breeding introduced a spreading growth habit and impressive longevity. We just love them, in their second season only because they make magnificent baskets that require no pruning to shape and they just get better and better as they get older.

Vinca does need HOT weather so we find it best to plant them out no earlier than November, flowering lasts until late March or April, depending on how cool the nights get.  Plants will overwinter in protected positions but we do recommend treating them as true annuals.

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