Thursday, May 15, 2014

Primula, Primrose, Polyanthus. Which is which?

Primrose Orion Lilac Flame.  Click on the image to see a slide show of this week's Precious spec. load

Primula varieties are fast disappearing from our seedling availability list. It really is too late for planting out Prims of any kind, now the days are wintery short they become preoccupied with flowering and won't develop a decent plant to support the blooms.  I also note a distinct increase in interest in the various Primula varieties this season.

However, by chance or good planning our potted Prims are just coming ready.  
We have Primula malacoides, Candelabra types (think Lollipops) in 140mm pots.  Not flowering yet but we find that they often sell very well as green, advanced plants.
Primula polyantha.  Big vigorous plants with bold, crayon coloured flowers on short, strong stems.  140mm pots to accommodate their vigorous habit.

Primula acaulis. F1 Hybrid Marli series with double flowers.  Again, very vigorous so we have them in 140mm pots.

(I took this pic later in the season last year, they're not this big yet)
Primula acaulis. Commonly known as potted Polys but I prefer to call them Primroses to distinguish them from their big polyanthus cousins. The name acaulis indicates they have no thick central stem. These are in the traditional 100mm pot.

Primrose Orion White. I love 'em at this early stage with crisp fresh buds, just opening.

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