Thursday, June 12, 2014

Primrose Marlies

Primrose Marlies Candy Corn.  Click on the image to see a slide show of this week's Rosy spec. load

Primrose Marlies
Closely related to Polyanthus but the thick "elephant leg" stems have been bred out.  Of course the key feature is the stunning double flowers. We prefer the term Primrose because it better describes the growth habit and hopefully minimises confusion about the plant we are talking about... and partly just because I like the name.

Primrose Marlies Yellow

At a glance:
Primula acaulis 
Position: Full Sun.  These plants originally grew in deciduous woodlands so they had protection from strong summer sun, then made the most of the sun available through winter into spring.
Soil: Well drained. When planting in the summer for winter flowers mulching is pretty much essential.  Use Premium potting mix in containers.  Our potting mix is slightly acid, pH 5.5
Flowering Season: In theory Spring - but in our mild climate they will flower from early winter through til about October.
There is very little that can compete with Polys & Primroses for bright winter colour.
Watch out for cut worms, otherwise Primroses are very resilient and will thrive in almost any Melbourne garden.
Primulas of all types take a long time to develop & flower.  Green seedlings are best planted in March and April.  Flowering pots can be used as highlights right through 'til September.

Primrose Marlies Pink

Primrose Marlies Soft Pink.

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