Thursday, August 7, 2014

What flowering plants are available for early Spring?

Geranium Calliope BIG Pink, in a nice big 300mm pot.  Genuine Calliope BIG Geraniums, don't get caught with imitations that don't have the vigour and intense flower colours.

We are especially focussed on our preparations for Spring so I thought a few teasers for what we have coming ready for sale over the next month might be appropriate.

Petunia Raspberry Blast.  270mm baskets & 200mm pots. I have seen flowers on one basket, unfortunately one of those straight pink throw back flowers.

Nemesia Serengeti.  We only have a small number of trial plants but based on the quality of the trial we will grow a batch for late Winter 2015.

Genuine Spreading Petunia Craze Purple. 270mm baskets and 200mm pots. No flowers yet but you can see we will be ready for the start of the Petunia season, possibly as soon as 2 week's away.

Ranunculus Mache. 140mm pots, there is a fat bud hiding in there.  We recommend displaying them in bud so they can tell the story of their blooming.

Petunia Spreading Craze White. 200mm pots & 270mm baskets.  We started very early to allow them to develop this shape, we just need a few flowers.  These plants have had a substantial cut back already so they will keep this thick, matted habit not stretch into spidery tendrils which can happen if they are not checked.


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