Friday, September 26, 2014

220 Days later, Broccoli Purple Sprouting

Wonder of Wonders. After 220 days (but who's counting?) Broccoli Purple Sprouting florets. If you missed last week's enquiry about Purple Sprouting Broccoli you can review it here.

The growth habit and floret style are obviously quite different to a regular Broccoli. I won't relax completely until I see a little more colour in those heads.

Pelargonium Solstice Purple.

We have seen a significant change in potted colour availability this week; the Argyranthemum, Osteospermum and Bracteantha have all sold. By the skin of our teeth we have rolled into the next crops in our program: Pelargonium and Calibrachoa.  Keep it bright, keep it fresh.

Calibrachoa Apricot Red Eye

Calibrachoa Yellow

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