Friday, September 5, 2014

A non-invasive alternative to Gazania... and the colours are better!

Arctotis Safari Sunset
Forgive me if I slip and say Cape Weed.  No, No, not fair. Arctotis is actually recommended as an alternative to Gazania for hardiness and brightness and the fact that is is NOT prone to invasiveness.
This is the first time we have grown Arctotis and we have been thrilled with the result, they make great 200mm pot plants.  Compact yet vigorous with a much better colour palette than Gazania and they will flower from now right through Autumn. 

Arctotis Safari Mist.

As the name Safari hints, Arctotis is native to South Africa. They are exceptionally drought tolerant and will thrive in any reasonably drained soil. They love a full sun position and we have raised them in our most exposed growing space through winter, they will cope with Melbourne frost easily. Arctotis is a low growing plant that will spread up to 2m.
Fun fact: Arctotis can be safely grown in your pet Chameleon's 'enclosure'.

Arctotis Safari Sunrise

My son, Ben tells me pride is a sin, but I think life would be pretty boring if we didn't take pride in our work. I am proud of these Geranium Calliope BIG Red baskets. 

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  1. Hi! I picked up from my local bunnings (in Canberra) for $2 some quite sad looking arctotis sunset pots - they look wilted - and tips for reviving them?


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