Thursday, October 23, 2014

You call that a nest?

We have been sharing one of our main growing areas with an increasingly agitated pair of Masked Lapwings, AKA Spur Winged Plovers.  They appear to have laid 4 eggs, these 2 as decoys.

Here are the siblings, recently up and about.
Fortunately we were able to leave our guests mostly in peace. They have done a great deal of screeching and swooping although never actually striking anyone. It was seriously frightening to go searching for a Calibrachoa basket.

I am pleased and proud to announce that the level of agitation reached a peak yesterday when these two showed themselves for the first time.  Today they have left the comfort of our growing area to explore the nursery more widely and experience says that by Monday mum, dad and babies will have moved on.

They have nested in this area for a few years now.  Mark intends to fill this growing space next year so I'm not sure what is going to happen then...

I may have spoken too soon, they have moved to our car park and I have just watched the parents dive bombing Bryce. From the safety of the office that's rather funny.

Geranium Eclipse Tango

Geranium Eclipse Light Pink

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  1. Lovely post! How these birds have given their eggs on the gravel ground instead of nest is interesting and surprising for me. You have recieved this lovely pot of flower which looks so refreshing.


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