Thursday, January 22, 2009


The coping with heat topic reminds me of a terrific hanging basket we had in the 2008 Great Victorian Hanging Basket competition. The basket was entered by Cecilia Macaulay. Cecilia used nifty little water filled clay balls all connected by tubes to apply water slowly. Interestingly the whole lot looked remarkably attractive; unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of Cecilia’s basket.

Any way, get to the point. Cecilia has sent me a great email idea for our logo tag line “Dependably Creative” but check these out, Cecilia’s emails come with original illustrations.

There are plenty more and some terrific gardening ideas, follow this link to Cecilia’s blog.

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  1. Dear Peter,
    I'm so impressed that you remember my hanging basket, and even worked out what those funny terracotta bulbs were for. Sady, my photos from that month disappeared too.
    I still plant the same combinations though, swathing ripe hanging strawberries in bridal tulle for misty-looking, pretty bird protection, and those funny wetpots are doing well keeping all the potplants alive.


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