Friday, March 27, 2009

Fertilizer is Plant Food

Wow! This really is a subject that gardeners get passionate about. I should have paid more attention to fertilizers when I was at college but honestly I have always treated it as a topic that I could get advice about or read up on as necessary. Anyway plant nutrition is a subject that I will continue to look at intermittently over the next few weeks.
Natural sources of nutrition; containers; garden beds; vegetables; liquid fertilizers; chemical fertilizers; major and minor nutrients, over time I will try to cover them all in easily digestible portions (oh, yes I do think I’m very clever).
So, in the mean time here is a tip: fertilizer is plant food so I always like to draw comparisons with our own diet. Nitrogen = carbohydrates, Phosphorus = fat, Potassium = protein, don’t forget the calcium and what effect does excessive processing have?

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