Friday, April 3, 2009

Melbourne Flower Show

The photos I have used today are the first snaps taken of our MIFGS display supporting the Great Victorian Hanging Basket Competition. Congratulations to Deb who designed and Karen who put together this display. All this was achieved while keeping normal operations going. Just look at the detail!
We were judged in the ‘Outdoor Display’ category and I am proud to say received a Bronze award. Keep in mind, credit goes to all the 130 odd home gardeners who contributed hanging baskets to the display. Thank you to every one of them.
I have had one report from a show visitor. Robyn’s highlight was the Imagine garden which won the Gold award in the Outdoor Display. It is a stunning display put together by Swinburne University, a group of production nurseries (led I think by Humphris) and some of their suppliers. It is a monster project that took a couple of weeks and truck loads of plants to complete (ours took 4 days and 4 loads in our little truck and we still ran short of plants). Robyn also liked the Oasis garden (Silver Outdoor Display). Designed by Carolyn Blackman again, I am always thrilled to see bedding plants being used imaginatively and as an artistic palette. Plus the avenue of achievable gardens. My son Ben loves the Achievable gardens the scale is less threatening and they are genuinely inspiring.

Sadly Robyn’s disappointment was the Hanging Basket Competition. I will work on the principle that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. My thanks Robyn, genuine feedback is what I am really looking for, not just back slapping.
By the way a pdf of all the flower show award winners can be found on this page look for Downloads, 2009 Award Winners.

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