Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moving Spring Vegetables Outside?

HI Peter,
I am growing a variety of vegetable seedlings indoors (tomatoes, capsicums, zucchini, pumpkins, corn etc) and am wondering when I can plant them outside?

Have you noticed the forecast for Saturday? 3deg in Scoresby and frost patches not to mention the hail we have had this week.
The question of when to take young plants out from under protective cover is always vexed and you have to take a bit of a risk. The slightest hint of frost will make a terrible mess of Tomatoes, especially if they have only recently been moved outside.
Having said that the rule of thumb is these plants should thrive in the garden from early October. As a gardener you will develop a sense of when the Spring weather really turns. My feeling is this is still a week away this year, much later that it has been for a number of Spring seasons.

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  1. Hi Peter, 8 parts water 1 part full cream milk, will control your powdery mildew, use fortnightly, its good for roses, curcubits & grapes & start early before the mildew sets in

    Regards Jerry Garle Keilor Garden Club


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