Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waterwise Colour!

Last Sunday I was out doing errands when I drove past this stunning display just around the corner from my place. Instantly I knew what I would be writing about this week, so I stopped and went back to take a photo. The gardener was busy in her garden so I said “excuse me, can I take a pic…” at this point Lyn stood up “oh hello, it’s you!” Now, anyone who has met me knows that I am hopeless with names and it took 5 minutes for me to remember and I have to admit to having completely forgotten her partner’s name.
Anyway, Lyn used to work at Burdett’s House and Garden in Langwarrin and I have bumped into her a number of times locally, but I didn’t know where she lived.
In the mean time the whole neighborhood has noticed the most striking garden in the street. About 2 years ago this garden had been dramatically transformed. The cream brick fence pulled down and recreated as a sculptural feature, tasteful timber decking, undulating sand and pebble mulch and striking Dracaenas and Cacti. I had thought of taking a photo and sharing it but I didn’t want to promote Desert landscape too heavily.
But on Sunday afternoon … WOW! The Livingstone Daisies (Mesembryanthemum crinifolium) were just luminous. Lyn tells me that they have been flowering since late July and are now past their best (I usually drive past early in the morning when the flowers are still closed for the night). And how about this, the whole front garden of Livingstone’s started with 5 of Scotsburn’s 8” bloomer pots that were being thrown out at Burdett’s. After 2 years of self seeding Lyn is in the process of thinning them out so be a little careful, in the right conditions they will self seed freely.
Here’s my point, seedlings are not necessarily thirsty plants! Remember that Petunias, Marigolds and Portulaca are all native to dry parts of South America. I am a great advocate of intelligent use of water and that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, colourful garden.

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