Friday, June 11, 2010

World's Biggest Display of Hanging Baskets?

Saturday 19th June is the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria's annual conference day.  Rob Pelletier will give the key note presentation on Sustainable gardening, worth the price of admission alone. Actually I think it's free and Rob is worth more, he's a 'horticultural thinker', not afraid to challenge and always entertaining. The Royal's afternoon tea is worth the trip too.  Starts at 1.00pm, follow the link for more details.   Prizes for the Great Victorian Hanging Basket competition will be distributed at the Royal's conference, you can find the official list of winners here.

If you're really keen follow this link to see the You Tube video of the Hanging basket competition.

 My association with the Royal goes back 10 years.  We met through the International Flower and Garden Show. Scotsburn wanted to display hanging baskets and the Royal wanted better representation of amateur horticulture at Australia's premier garden show. 10 years! and this year we think we have set the record for for the largest display of hanging baskets in the world!  Guinness Book of World Records!

Gerda van der Peet  First Prize Members

Now let's get a few things straight. This is a new record for the greatest number of baskets being displayed in the one location at the same time.  All the entries are from members or affiliates of the Royal Horticultural Society so they were attempting this record as a team. To ensure consistency for the competition judges, every participant was supplied with a Gardman Hanging Basket and a bag of Debco's Terra Cotta and Tub potting mix.  The competition rules state that there must be at least one living plant in the basket for it to be judged, I'm pleased to say every basket I saw had several although I did also find the odd dead 'un.  How many baskets?  Two hundred and twenty one!  It took about 4 goes to count them, it was remarkably easy to get lost in the maze of paths and boxes and baskets.  I eventually had to use the site plan and tick each position off, then re-check!  

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well I have been asked to witness the the display actually achieved what it claimed to and I'm very pleased to say that it did.

Bentleigh Garden Club  First Prize Affiliate Clubs    
Quantity and quality!

Unfortunately I can't make the conference this year, Ben is playing possibly his last game of netball in a Grand Final.  At 14 he's too old to play juniors after this season and possibly a little young to be playing open mixed with the 20 year olds.  Wish him luck.  

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