Friday, May 20, 2011

Musing on Values

I've been thinking about values lately. Let's not delve into why... therapy might take too long. We wrote a values statement for Scotsburn Nurseries a few years back: Dependability, Loyalty and Drive were the three things we decided we valued most. I believe "valued most" is pretty important to the process, it's actaually quite challenging  to cut out all the stuff that everybody values and focus on what defigns this little group of people.

Of course when we first settled on our values I was proud of them... but over time I have questioned just how effectively these three values defign who we want to be.  Do they reflect our character & culture or are they still just a bit safe and well, dull? We promote our values to our suppliers, customers, gardeners and importantly to our staff and I have a nagging sense that we still haven't distilled who we are and what we strive to be.

Some months ago I added a fourth value: Generosity. If you had missed this, that's fine I didn't sing it from any roof top. I like this, it says more about us. A new nursery hand doesn't expect us to tell them that we value generosity and that we expect them to be generous as well. But does it still come across as a little safe and boring? Could we value Fun as much as Loyalty?  Can we have fun without necessarily having to demand it?

Here's my current thinking:

Generous and Driven
Loyal and Independent
Dependable and Surprising

I'd love any feedback.
Not your standard gardening newsletter? But hey, it's mine.


  1. Yes Peter Susan and I think you and your team are very generous with your time advice and support, Thank you for your kinds support to Yarra Valley grammar with our joint donation of our 10 pot Greensmart Garden, I nice letter will be coming from School soon with some photos of the kids at work with Susan. Thanks again
    Andre and Susan Obradovic

  2. Peter it depends what your vision statement is.. Also you can have a value proposition that is different to your nurseries and then the consumers. Then you could also have values or rather a strategy to achieve and drive these internally with your staff. And yes Fun and Loyalty is very important her with your staff. I notice when I have been out there your staff are always very happy and seem to be having fun.

    Passionate - absolute commitment to home grown produce, and delivering the best value product to our retail outlets

    Reliable - do what we say we will, when we will to the best of our ability

    Knowledgable - be seen as experts in the industry, educating customers and being engaged in the community


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