Friday, September 9, 2011

Do Androids dream of electric plants?

The end of an era, a sign of the times or a colossal misjudgment? This is our whiz bang, high tech super efficient seedling transplanter all dressed up and ready to travel to Cowra. This machine required a massive investment 6 or 7 years ago and in that time the industry has changed so much that for us it has become nothing more than an expensive stereo system.  Yes it does include a rather impressive stereo.

What has happened?  Well for us.... this

Our focus is now bespoke, not quantity and no matter how cleaver the robotics a machine can't produce these.  Don't get me wrong we won't make a living out of 5 hanging baskets but they make great displays that encourage sales of other products.  That's not an approach that's ever going to cut it in a retail chain store and guess what, we are all enjoying our work more.

Mind you I haven't given up on automation altogether. The funds from the sale of the transplanter are being turned into a spiffy new seeding machine. Of course that's the other path the industry has taken.... we grow so many more vegetables now and the girls are sick and tired of poking individual seeds directly into punnets.  I'll send a pic when our new Italian baby arrives... she's red!

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