Friday, September 16, 2011

My Passion for Passionfruit

Passionfruit, Grafted Edulis

As a Melbournian I love our weather.  The variability is essential to the magic. As a Melbournian I can rail against our changeable weather too, that's my right.  Any uppity Sydneysider dares to criticize Melbourne weather, watch out!

It's the same with seasons. We have wonderful distinct seasons. I have been bemoaning (winging if you like) that our retail industry is so keen to move on to new season stock that we ignore the peak of our Pansy and Viola season. The past couple of weeks has heightened my frustration as I have carried absolutely stunning Pansy pots around on my customer visits only to have them ignored or worse... "it's a bit boring isn't it"! Well seasons change quickly, this week we have all sort sort of fresh new products on offer. See, when it suits me I can change with the wind.

Among the fresh offerings is the Passionfruit pictured above. Look closely and you can see the little plastic grafting clips where the desirable "Norfolk Island" black passionfruit scion has been grafted to the vigorous but frankly weedy and less tasty Banana Passionfruit rootstock. These are very neat and strong grafts, nice and close to the soil level to minimize the number of dastardly rootstock buds that can escape and overtake the less vigorous Black Passionfruit.  Make sure you rub off or slice away any shoots developing below the graft.

You might also notice in the pic above that these plants are growing happily out side. Not quite full sun, we have hail net over them. There would be nothing worse than hail pitting all that beautiful foliage at this stage. Tough plants ready for garden planting.

By the way, this is our new Grafted Passionfruit label. Please look out for them.

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