Monday, June 8, 2015

Please help support a great cause

I haven't previously misused this blog, but I will break that rule for a very special cause.  In the dim and distant past I used to play drums in a band, the Watchmen... that's the top of my head in the picture.  In my life outside of being a nurseryman I have also volunteered for nearly 30 years with Lord Somers Camp and Power House.  Through LSC&PH I have helped run camps for Very Special Kids, The Mirabelle Foundation and young adults with disabilities, I have also spent many hours building and maintaining facilities at the camp in Somers.

Well now I'm trying to raise funds for LSC&PH and to do this we are getting the band back together.  We are holding a fund raising reunion gig at Power House on Sunday 5h July at 2.00pm.  I'm not necessarily asking you to come along to the gig, (it will be pretty rough I can assure you, most of us haven't played seriously for 20 years) but it would be great if you could sponsor my embarassment to the tune of $5-10.00.

To support this cause please follow this link and pledge a donation. If you're really keen come down to Power House on the 5th July, Gold coin donation entry.



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