Friday, July 17, 2015

Great garden colour for Winter & Early Spring.

This week's Highlights

Osteospermum Zion Red.  The colour of this Osteo is so rich, there are very few flowers to match. I too the pic late on a cold Friday afternoon so the flowers are starting to close for the night.  Zion red is a larger, more rambunctios plant than the rest of our Osteospermum and fills larger holes in the garden than the compact 3D hybrids and Blue Eyed Beauty.  Plants in our trial beds easily cover 1m and are about 50cm tall.  They are smothered in flower now, in the middle of Winter.

Ranunculus Mache. Just a classic herbaceous Perennial. This is one of the first buds showing but the rest of the plants now consistently have buds forming under the foliage.  The flowering season for Ranunculus is short, sharp and dramatic so now is the time to get them on display so you can enjoy the full beauty of these flowers and they develop and peak.

Digitalis Dalmatian. The buds are also just forming in the Digitalis, now is the time to grab them. We have Rose, Peach, Lavender and Cream single colours.  White has sold out before we even got to the flowering stage.

Just in case you needed confirmation of our reunion fund raiser for Lord Somers Camp:

We had great fun. You can still donate to LSC&PH via this link. Thanks for your support.


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