Friday, April 4, 2014

Digitalis purpurea Dalmatian hybrid

Digitalis Dalmatian.  Click on the image to see a slide show of this week's Glowing availability list.

Digitalis purpurea(Check this link from Kew Gardens, very thorough). Foxglove. Elegant, stately, poisonous and mysterious. What a classic herb! Too much is dangerous but it is well known as a heart medication. Foxglove tea, made by steeping flowers and stems in water is ideal for extending the life of cut flowers in vases. Plant your Foxies with Potatoes, Tomatoes and apples to stimulate growth and protect them from fungal disease.

Naturally Digitalis is a short lived perennial that flowers erratically in it's first season and tends to peak in the second so it was treated as a biennial.  The Dalmatian hybrid flowers beautifully consistently in it's first season, just look at these beauties. They are not so tall as earlier varieties growing to a pretty uniform 50cm, as distinct from the 100cm plus of some OP varieties.  Some will be disappointed at the reduced height but it makes them ideal for containers without getting too massive.

Pansy Fizzy Lemonberry, just because I like it.

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